Under Fire From Afar
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When America comes under fire, Liberty prevails

Bonus Material


Fun Fact #1: The character of Special Agent Mullins did not appear in the first draft of Under Fire from Afar. Originally Jed squared off against the terrorist group solo. It didn't seem all that likely that the THC could do so much on US soil without today's modern intelligence agencies catching wind of it. So, the character of Special Agent Mullins was added to show what happened within the FBI as they tracked terrorist activities. Special Agent Mullins will also have a role in the sequel.

Fun Fact #2: Dan Curry began working on Under Fire from Afar in the fall of 2006. The main plot of the story changed several times before it was finally put down on paper. The final manuscript for Under Fire from Afar was completed in March of 2008.

Fun Fact #3: Originally the character of Jed's son Ben died at the end of the book. The ending was changed before for first draft was finished as his character was to take on a bigger role in the sequel.

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