Under Fire From Afar
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When America comes under fire, Liberty prevails

Author Q&A

Drawing on his knowledge of military history, current events and experience as a pilot, the author brings the war on terror home and illustrates the very real terror threat that still exists today.

If you would like additional background on any of the characters in the book, or if you have questions for the author, submit a question. Responses will be posted below.


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Comments or Questions Submitted to the Author


Comment #1: It has been brought to my attention that Marines do not like being referred to as "Soldiers". As I have done this several times in this book, if I offended anyone, I apologize. Thanks for the feedback Phil.


Comment #2: The question was raised as to if Sumir would really use an UZI, as the UZI is made by Israel. Although I understand that Islamic extremist do indeed dislike Israel, I believe that they will use whatever they have available to them as means to their end. Just as US made passenger jets were used during the September 11th attaches, so I believe that Sumir would use and Israeli made weapon if it met his needs.


Comment #3: The question was raised about the spelling of the word HUI. I went back and forth with this spelling while writing the book. My intent was to indicate the use of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, most commonly referred to as the "Huey." Several different spellings appeared in drafts of this book. It went to print using the spelling HUI. Hopefully this does not confuse anyone.


Comment #4: The Jet Fighter referred to in the prolog as an "F-80" is a F-80 Shooting Star Jet Fighter aircraft. It is true that this plane probably did not have the ability to drop 2000lb bombs. In real life, I believe that the F-80 would really be dropping 500lb bombs. Thanks for the feedback Joe.


Comment #5: It looks like I referred to Captain Baker as Colonel Baker at one point. The truth is that in order for Baker to still be in the military after all this time, he would have to be a General in order to avoid mandatory retirement. If I put out a revised edition, I will probably promote him to Brigadier General.